Mindless Behavior’s “All Around The World Tour” Featuring The OMG Girlz, Coco Jones and Young Marqus, is All Around Social Media

What happens when nine teen hip-hop superstars go on tour? A veritable social media explosion. Team Mindless is scoring a homerun on stage and online. They operate their social media channels with a “no holds barred” attitude including everything from candid shots of their individual lives, childhood photos, fan pics, tour announcements, press, album news, behind the scenes coverage and more. They’ve even been known to cameo in other artist’s feeds.

“All Around the World” is the second headlining tour for Mindless Behavior - comprised of members Prodigy, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Princeton. Joined by The OMG Girlz, Coco Jones and Young Marqus, the tour kicked off last week to deafening screams from fans. And these masters of the mic along with their supporting acts are also mastering social media, consistently engaging with their followers across the web before, during and after shows.

The members of Mindless Behavior take the stage with so much swag and confidence it’s hard to believe the recent BET Award nominees are all under eighteen. Perhaps their youth is how they manage to sing energetically for their fans while executing intricate choreography with easy precision. There were even moments in the show for all of the moms and dads accompanying their kids when the stage antics and vocal harmonies were reminiscent of classic boy bands from the 80s and 90s. Though they have a hard-hitting edge, these young men are “a band of boys ready to become gentlemen,” (Los Angeles Times).

Mindless Behavior is not the only digitally savvy group on the “All Around the World Tour.” The three openers are in on the action as well - Disney alum Coco Jones even Instagrams directly from the stage.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram enable everyone on the road to stay in touch with their fans. These hardcore singers and dancers who barely stop to breathe on stage are stopping to take time to speak to the people out on the web. It is a new era of touring!

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